Titan Poker Mac


Titan Poker is one of the top online poker sites where players can go when they want to play poker in an all around great poker playing environment. Those on a pc will get to enjoy some of the best online poker available. However, Mac users will be excited to learn that these same opportunities are available to them at Titan Poker.

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Titan Poker is Mac friendly and makes sure all of their players are treated well and offered the same great poker playing opportunities. This is also a good site for new online poker players to go to because Titan Poker offers a lot of helpful content which will explain everything to new players. There are even tutorials which explain how the different games are played. Anyone looking for one of the best Mac poker sites out there will want to check out Titan Poker.

Bonuses and Promotions

Titan Poker realizes how important it is for their players to remain excited about coming back for more poker. Not only do they offer their players plenty of that excitement by providing them with excellent games, but they also use bonuses and promotions to excite their players. New players will be able to get as much as $500 extra in their account just for making their first deposit. Online Mac poker players are able to get in on these generous bonuses and promotions as well. There are promotions which offer players the chance to win absolutely hugs amounts of cash.

Software and Graphics

The Mac Poker Software offered at Titan Poker is no download software. However, online Mac poker players will still be able to enjoy all of those exciting games the pc users get to. Also, the graphics are great and Mac users won’t even be able to tell that they are playing a no download version except for the fact that it will be in their browser. The games will run smooth and players will find that they also run without a lot of glitches which can ruin the gaming experience. Any Mac user looking for a good choice of online Mac poker sites will want to be sure they give Titan Poker a try. The graphics players will get to enjoy will make them even more excited due to the lively atmosphere they provide.


The available types of online poker for players to enjoy at Titan Poker include Texas Holdem, Omaha, 5 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud, and variations of those games. The Mac poker software here will give Mac users the same great game play the pc users are offered. When it comes to great online poker games, Titan Poker knows how to deliver. The cash games here give players the chance to win large sums of money. Also, there are a whole lot of tournaments for players to participate in.


Titan Poker has a lot of traffic due to its popularity and great reputation. For this reason, it is a great place for players with all levels of experience to go. They will be able to enjoy soft competition at the lower levels.

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